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FOOT AdrenalynXL™ 2015-16


Enjoy the new official app Adrenalyn XL™ Ligue 1 2016-17, the only official trading card game of the French league.Activate your card code, printed on the back of your cards, and be part of the exciting Adernalyn XL™ community. Manage your own line-up and challenge hundreds of users all around or train your strategies challenging the AI. Are you ready to line up your favorite team? Get passionate, feel the excitement and enjoy the entertainment of the Adrenalyn XL™ Ligue 1 2016-17 Trading Card Game.
Entering the world of Adrenalyn XL™ you will see that everything is perfectly organized to let you climb the rankings and become the top player of the game. Lots of options are available: you can have fun creating dream teams, challenge your friends or join new tournaments when only skilled players can reach the final and become the champion! You can also play games with all the cards of the collection, or with a certain limit of special cards, which intensifies the matches! As the game difficulty grows, so too the passion and the challenge increase. When you join a professional tounrnament, you can score points playing against your rivals to move up in the global rankings. It is not easy to become the top player of your country's ranking... But consider it as an exciting challenge! Do your best to be the champion!
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